Transform Your Patio into Relaxation Central

Stress is a part of everyday life. Many people try to plan a vacation once a year that centers on relaxation and rejuvenation, but the staff at Four Seasons of Lake Norman think that is not enough! You should be able to access relaxation any time stress hits by walking out to your patio. Our spa hot tubs and outdoor furniture will transform your patio into a serene destination. We want your backyard to be an escape for you.

Make Your Backyard the Envy of the Neighbors

Whether you’re justing wanting to start a fitness program or looking to move the convenience of an olympic pool into your own backyard, Four Seasons of Lake Norman offers a variety of L.A. Spas, exercise pools and jacuzzis as your solution.

The exercise pools are equipped with three powerful river jets; which can be adjusted to any swimmers’ level or technique. Our jacuzzis and hot tubs offer therapeutic jets, seating contour, energy saving, low maintenance thermoplus cabinets.

There are a number of additional features to offer, making your hot tub or swim pool an oasis for relaxation and family fun.

We carry L.A. Spas

  • Exercise Swim Spas
  • Adventure & Hydro Therapy
  • Spa Hot Tubs



L.A. Spas are designed for your style of living. The latest technology has been integrated into every L.A. Spas hot tub so you are assured of the experience you are seeking. Whether you are the adventurer in need of some hydrotherapy, the driven, hard working individual who wants to escape, or just want to enjoy the company of others; the L.A. Spas hot tub you chose is built to showcase your individual style.